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     This memorial website was created to remember our dearest Andrea Lewis who was born in Houston, Texas in the  United States on April 28, 1989 and passed away on April 30, 2009. You will live forever in our memories and hearts.

     Dre Skool was his music name due to he loved to talk about his life through  rapping. He was such a kind, loving and adorable young man who life was just beginning to get started. He was so happy and full of life. He just did not know that this day after his 20 birthday he would be gunned down execution style by an unknown person who name is Jamie Alan Adams. He did not know this killer nor had he done anything to him for Jamie Alan Adams to shot Andre as many times as he did. This killer was full of rage and evil. Now,after many years I recent learned that a woman by the name of Latoya Carter had this Jamie Alan Adams to kill my grandson. Jamie Alan Adams was living at this Latoya Carter apartment with her husband who gave this killer the AK47 that he murdered my grandson with.

As Andre was walking toward his apartment with these three women, Mary Nicole Jackson, Porsche Dirden and Tandrea Lewis Jamie approach him and jerk my grandson shirt off, Andre attempt to run but fell down once he was shot with the AK47. Jamie approach Andre as he was laying on the ground and shot him in his arms, low back and the rest of the bullets to his head. Then it was these thugs standing all around Andre as he laid dying laughing how this gang member had shot Andre up some many times on the ground.

This woman who suppose to had called the police was also friends of the killer -Jamie Alan Adams. See these people came out of New Orleans, Lousiana and they wee use to all this type of gang style killing people.I really felt that this killer was trying to rob my grandson for his Visa card and his cell phone.This Latoya woman was not charge for this murder but she should had been. She was the lady who was lying as if some one had broken into her apartment and this was not true. This was the lie they would tell to get out of their crimes. The Detective felt for their lies and she was not charged. But years later I learned that my neice husband knew this woman name Tiana Adams who also is a friend of this Latoya Carter and he also knew that this Jamie Alan Adams had killed Andre but we did not learned of this information unitl June 1, 2009 after Jamie Adams was charged for the murder of Andre.

 I know Andre died all alone on this sidewalk at 6503 Wanda Lane in Houston, Texas. But God saw he was sufferig and called him home to Heaven that hour of about 6:30 PM. This was the most horrible day of my life I ever experinced. But through it all "God got me through this sadiest time of my life". I was in dazed for many months. See, Andre I got him when he was only two years old in April 1991. I am a Registered Nurse and had left Texas due to I had got a divorce and need a change to start my life all over due to a failed marriage.My daughter and son was not living with me and so I thought it would be best for me to go to another state to live and work.My children was grown living on their own so I moved to New Orleans, La.. I started working for Charity Hospital of New Orleans as a travel nursing on a contract for one year.

I was robbed once again due to this killer pleaded out to Murder on 9/10/2010 and still as Andre's family members we do no know why this killer killed my only grandchld who I raised as if he was my baby boy.This is how Harris County District Court 263 Judge Wallace and Harris County Assitant District Attorney allowed a henious cold blooded killer to make a plea for 30 years and he did turn many other criminals in but I was hurt because this justice system valued my grandson life as nothing to me. This killer should not have been shown no mercy for this henious criminal killing he did . He should had been made to tell us why he did what he did.

I had often wonder why was Andre murder because he did not know this Jamie, Latoya Carter or none of the people they were in this gang with. These people would sell drugs, perform identiy theft, obtaining housing while living with their men who robbing, all types of illegal activities at these St. James Apartments located at 6503 Wanda Lane in Houston, Texas. 

Then one day I got a sad call my daughter had got into trouble with the law in Houston, Texas and I was told to come get my only grandchild or he would be going to Child Protect Services. I asked this person who called me to just allow him to stay there until I get off of work that weekend, I was told no that I had until 12:00 Noon this day or he would be going to CPS. Yes, I was scared to death knowing I could not move back to Texas since I was told I could not break this contract or I would have to buy out of it. I had no money save and this was impossible so I prepared myself to take my grandson and raise him on my own due to I knew my daughter would be incacerated for a long time.

 I immediately got off the phone with this person and book a flight on Southwest Airlines from out of Kenner La, coming into Houston, Texas Hobby airport . I arrived in Houston, Texas about 12:30 Noon that day met my sister Catherine with Andre dressed in just a pullup and T-shirt. I dressed him in brand new OshKosh Overall, shirt  and his high tops shoes. He was such a cute toddler. I had already made plans and paid Kangroo Pouch Day Care in Gretna, La where this would be his home away from home. So when I got back to New Orleans, La. I dropped him off with his teddy bear, snacks, blanket, and PJ so when I pick him up later that night about 12 Midnight I could just put him to bed. He would always get his favorite blanket and teddy bear the workers told me and put on his PJ but would not go to sleep, watching the door waiting for me to come and get him after I get off work. He would love to hug and kiss me all the time when he was growing up. He had a beautiful chidhood, he would always go to Astro World, Water World, Chucker Cheese, Go Cart Riding, Movies, had all types of toys, and some are collecting itemes which are still have in his room today.

  He did not like school at all. I had to stay behind with this task about his school lessons and he started doing quite well until his mom got into trouble again in September 2005. He just gave up in Janaury 2006 because he thought once she came home in April 2001 she would allow him to move with her once she got establish but she did not. He only got a chance to live with his mom only about 2 months out of his life. So when he went to see his mom two weeks before his death he just knew this apartment he rented for the first time in his life in April 3, 2009 ,would be a place for him and his mom to start all over again and she would be living with him this time.  

      See, Andre had just met a young woman name Lashay Adams and she tricked him a if they were going to be sweet hearts but this was only a scam, once he paid his rent April 3, 2009 and got the apartment keys he gave this woman a key and left town going with his cousins to New Orleans, La. to make a mix  record CD track.The once he got back in Houston town she starts to fight him almost on a daily base. This woman had moved her brother name CJ real name is Clayton Adams Jr, and his lady friend who was pregant in . These people were all criminals but Andre was not knowldege of this. Once he found out he ended that relationship with this Lashay. She wanted revenge and was calling him making threats on a daily basis.

      What Andre did not know the plan hat this Lashay Adams used him to rent an apartment for her, brother, and his common life wife. She and her brother was involved in alot of corrupt activity and Andre was not knowledge of this infomations. Once he learned about all of  this he was not please and told them they need to be looking for another apartment because his mom would be moving with him. Lashay did not like this so she started fighting him, bringing other men to his apartment, then she even had one man name Christopher Price to pull a gun on him waking him up in like abot 3:00 a.m. one morning of 4/14/2009. He came to Andre apartment one earlymorning around 3:00 AM and put the gun to Andre head but Andre awoken that morning and I guess the guy got scar and would not kill him. After he left Andre called me and told me what happen. I advised him to call the police and make a report but later that morning I told him to leave this apartment. He left there with a friend (Phillip) who took him over to another family member house and spent several nights there. This Lashay continue to call him on his cell phone daily making theats to kill him. I would tell him to stop answering her telephone calls. He told me she was getting other people cell phones calling him and he did not know if it was her calling from other people cell phone until he answer the calls.He though he was getting calls for work because people would call him to perform at parties and clubs singing.

      I advised him to change his cell number but he stated it was so many business people had his cell number and would not do it. So, on the date he was gunned down and died on the sidewalk which was April 29, 2009 due to he never gained conscious again, he was lifeless, never open his eyes, never fitched or made any kind of life movements, I knew he died and it was all over for him on this earth of mankind.

      Yes, I received a phone call that woud forever change my life  from Harris County Hospital Social worker questioning if I had a son or grandson? I answered the phone call telling this Social Worker I knew this was not my son but it is possible could be my grandson and he then asked me to describe him which I did. I was then told to come to this hospital to postive identify him. I went to  the hospital and met the Social Worker in Emergency Room and he took me to the family conference room. He then told me that my grandson had been shot several times in the head and was critical wounded. He then stated these types of shooting these victims never live. I told him this might not even be my grandson. I asked him to please take me where this person was. Me and Andre's grandfather walked with the Social Worker to another floor and then went to another Neuro ICU conference room. Then the  physician who was woking on Andre came out to speak with us telling us Andre was not going to live past 7:00 PM.. I know now, he died on April 29th ,2009 but the hospital did not take him off the ventilator due to I begged and plead for them not until 30th, 2009 about 2:30 AM.. I guess this was only a comfort to me to accept his death. I saw that the blood just kept coming out of his mouth none stop, no body fluid going into the foley cather, no movement in his lower or upper body, he was just laying lifless, this hurt me so bad because I was a Registered Nurse and could not help my baby boy who I raised from 2 years old. No family member should have to ever witness a family member in this physical conditon which an evil coward did who sold his sole to the devil I calls an evil doer.

      Oh how did I cried, I was in a state of daze, refused to acknowledge his death, wanted this to be a bad dream, refused to go to the funeral home and make preparation for his home going, asked God why did you forsake me? I just wanted to lay down and die myself. I know if I had been at this shoting I would had covered Andre and died for him.

     Dre, was a sweet baby, he would not hardly cry,but did have a hard time sleeping, many times I woke up to find him watching cartoons. Many good people came in our lives and help me with a young toddler. He was so eaily to like and love. He always had a smile on his face. He made lot of friends and the girls just adored him. He had a beautiful voice and loved to sing, he listen to music all day long. Yes, he was a typical young man growing up into adulthood. He trying to start his business in the musice world.

      So, when Andre was gunned down in such a brutual way this was shocking to all his friends and young people who had grown to love him as one of their own family member as a brother or sister.


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